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YayCurrency Pro 2.4.2 GPL Version

This plugin is useful and optimized.

YayCurrency Pro is a WordPress plugin that adds a powerful and professional WooCommerce multi-currency switcher to your site. You can use it to automatically convert your prices from your base currency to your customers’ local currencies, based on the current exchange rate. You can also let your customers choose their preferred currency from a dropdown menu or a widget.

With YayCurrency Pro, you can:

  • Create responsive and elegant currency switchers that work on any device
  • Choose from different currency switcher types, such as dropdown, flags, or symbols
  • Customize the currency switcher appearance and behavior with various options
  • Add filters and tooltips to your currency switchers for better navigation and information
  • Use shortcodes or blocks to display your currency switchers anywhere on your site
  • Support unlimited currencies and update exchange rates automatically or manually
  • Manage conversion fees, pretty price rounding, and decimal separators for each currency
  • Process checkout and record orders in the selected currency
  • View WooCommerce sales reports by currency
  • Import and export your currency settings using the WordPress built-in tools

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PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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YayCurrency Pro 2.4.2 GPL
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