WPS Booster [WP-Script] 2.0.1 GPL



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WPS Booster [WP-Script] 2.0.1 GPL Version

Do you want to make your website look more popular and attractive to your visitors? Do you want to boost the views and ratings of your videos and increase your conversions? If yes, then you need the WPS Booster plugin for WordPress.

WPS Booster is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin that allows you to change the views and likes/dislikes on your videos in no time. You can choose the range of views and ratings you want for each video, and the plugin will automatically update them. You can also enable the auto-boost feature, which will apply the same settings to any new video added on your site, whether manually or automatically by another plugin.

WPS Booster is compatible with any WordPress theme and works with all major video sources. You can customize the appearance and content of the views and ratings to match your website’s style and tone.

WPS Booster is a WordPress plugin created by WP-Script, a leading provider of adult WordPress themes and plugins. WP-Script offers a range of products that can help you create and manage your own adult website with ease. Some of their other products include WPS Mass Embedder, WPS Player, WPS Single Embedder, WPS Checker, and more.

PS: This plugin is updated at regular intervals.


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WPS Booster [WP-Script] 2.0.1 GPLWPS Booster [WP-Script] 2.0.1 GPL
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