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WPForms User Registration Addon 2.4.0 GPL Version

WPForms User Registration Addon 2.4.0 is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create custom user registration, password reset, and login forms for your website. It also allows you to integrate user registration with any type of form, such as payment forms, contact forms, lead generation forms, etc.

With WPForms User Registration Addon 2.4.0, you can enjoy the following features:

  • User registration on any form: You can add automatic registration, or let your visitors choose to create an account when they submit any form on your site. You can also use conditional logic to set conditions so that accounts are only registered when the form entry meets your criteria1.
  • Custom fields: You can drag and drop extra fields to your user registration form, such as user bio information, file uploads, GDPR agreements, and more. You can also map these fields to any property on the user profile.
  • Customized login forms: You can create your own login forms with various fields and templates. You can also integrate with social login plugins and email marketing services.
  • Customized password reset forms: You can create your own password reset forms and emails with a few clicks. You can also brand them with your logo and colors.
  • Account activation emails: You can ask new users to confirm their account by clicking an activation link in the email. You can also customize the email subject and message.
  • New user registration emails: You can send a welcome email to new users with their login details and other information. You can also customize the email subject and message.
  • Admin approval: You can choose whether your administrators should approve accounts before new users can log in. You can also send an email notification to the admins when a new user registers.
  • Form access control: You can choose which WordPress user roles have the ability to create, edit, and delete forms. You can also hide forms for logged in users and display a message instead.

WPForms User Registration Addon 2.4.0 is compatible with all WPForms addons, such as User Registration, Surveys and Polls, Conversational Forms, etc. It also uses metadata for SEO optimization and social media sharing.

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PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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