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WPForms Repeater Field 1.3.0 GPL Version

WPForms Repeater Field 1.3.0 is a plugin that enables you to collect repeatable data from your users on your WordPress forms. It allows your users to add new sets of fields while filling out forms, and it supports conditional logic and payment fields. It is compatible with WPForms (Lite) and WPForms (Pro) versions.

Some of the features of WPForms Repeater Field 1.3.0 are:

  • You can create unlimited repeatable fields with drag and drop functionality.
  • You can control the maximum repeat limit for each field.
  • You can customize the repeater button labels and style according to your preferences.
  • You can use conditional logic to show or hide repeatable fields based on user input or other criteria.
  • You can use payment fields to collect payments from your users via PayPal, Stripe, or Authorize.Net.
  • You can view and edit the repeatable data in the entries, email notifications, print preview, and CSV/XLSX export.
  • You can use smart tags to dynamically populate the repeatable data in the email notifications.

PS: This plugin is updated regularly.


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WPForms Repeater Field 1.3.0 GPLWPForms Repeater Field 1.3.0 GPL
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