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WPForms Form Abandonment 1.11.0 GPL Version

WPForms Form Abandonment is a plugin that helps you capture leads even when users don’t finish your forms. With WPForms Form Abandonment, you can:

  • Track the behavior of visitors who leave your forms before submitting them
  • Capture the data that visitors have entered before abandoning the form
  • Provide insights into common reasons for form abandonment, helping you improve your forms
  • Make it easy to follow up with visitors who have abandoned forms, increasing the chances of conversion

WPForms Form Abandonment is compatible with any single or multi-page form, including request a quote forms, order forms, support request forms, lead forms, and more. You can also customize your social sharing templates and participate in Google’s Web Stories program with this plugin.

WPForms Form Abandonment is easy to install and configure. You just need to activate the plugin and enable the form abandonment lead capture option in your form settings. You can also exclude specific posts, categories, tags, or authors from republishing and schedule your post republishing with flexible options and filters.

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PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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WPForms Form Abandonment 1.11.0 GPL
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