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WP Travel Engine – Group Discount 2.1.2 GPL Version

Traveling with a group is not only fun but also a great way to save money. WP Travel Engine – Group Discount 2.1.2 is a powerful plugin that enables you to offer enticing group discounts on your travel website. Whether it’s a family vacation, corporate outing, or a group of friends exploring the world together, this plugin allows you to incentivize group bookings and enhance the overall travel experience. Let’s delve into how WP Travel Engine – Group Discount can benefit your customers and drive more bookings.

What is WP Travel Engine – Group Discount?

WP Travel Engine – Group Discount is a feature-rich plugin designed specifically for travel websites powered by WordPress. It enables you to create and manage group discounts, encouraging customers to book as a group and enjoy exclusive savings. With this plugin, you can attract group travelers, increase booking volumes, and create a sense of community among your customers.

Flexible Group Discount Options

WP Travel Engine – Group Discount offers flexible options to set up enticing group discounts. You can define the minimum number of participants required for a group booking and specify the discount percentage or fixed amount. This flexibility allows you to tailor the group discount structure according to your business goals and attract different group sizes.

Dynamic Pricing Display

The plugin dynamically displays the discounted prices based on the group discount rules you set. When customers search for or select a travel package, they can instantly see the discounted price for a group booking. This transparent pricing display motivates customers to book as a group and enjoy the cost savings, creating a sense of excitement and value.

Automatic Group Discount Calculation

WP Travel Engine – Group Discount automatically calculates the discounted price for group bookings. When customers meet the minimum number of participants required for the group discount, the plugin instantly applies the discount to the booking total. This automated calculation ensures a seamless and efficient booking process for both you and your customers.

Enhanced Value for Group Travelers

Group travelers often seek special incentives and savings when booking their trips. By offering group discounts, you provide added value and encourage group bookings. This not only benefits the customers financially but also enhances the overall travel experience by fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared adventure among group members.

Increased Booking Volumes

Group discounts are a powerful tool to drive more bookings and increase your revenue. The allure of discounted prices for group travelers is likely to attract more customers to book together, resulting in larger booking volumes and a boost in your business. By tapping into the group travel market, you can expand your customer base and establish a loyal group traveler clientele.

Customizable Group Discount Rules

WP Travel Engine – Group Discount allows you to customize the discount rules according to your business requirements. You can set different discount structures for various travel packages or destinations, ensuring flexibility and personalization. This customization capability enables you to experiment with different discount strategies and optimize your offerings for maximum impact.

As a result, WP Travel Engine – Group Discount 2.1.2 is a valuable plugin that unlocks exciting group discount opportunities for your travel website. With its flexible discount options, dynamic pricing display, automatic discount calculation, enhanced value for group travelers, increased booking volumes, and customizable discount rules, this plugin empowers you to attract and incentivize group bookings. Tap into the power of group travel and drive more bookings with WP Travel Engine – Group Discount.

PS: This plugin is regularly updated at regular intervals.


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WP Travel Engine – Group Discount 2.1.2 GPLWP Travel Engine – Group Discount 2.1.2 GPL
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