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WP Telegram Pro 2.1 GPL Version

WP Telegram Pro is a versatile plugin designed to facilitate communication and content sharing between your WordPress website and Telegram, one of the most widely used messaging apps worldwide. This GPL-licensed plugin empowers website owners to connect with their audience on Telegram, sharing content, updates, and important information effortlessly.

Key Features of WP Telegram Pro 2.1 (GPL)

  1. Instant Content Sharing: With WP Telegram Pro, you can instantly share your WordPress posts, pages, and custom post types to your Telegram channels or groups. Keep your audience in the loop with real-time updates.
  2. Customizable Messages: Tailor your Telegram messages to suit your audience and brand. Add custom text, hashtags, and media to make your posts engaging and informative.
  3. Scheduled Posting: Plan your content distribution strategy by scheduling posts for specific times and dates. Ensure that your updates reach your audience when they are most active.
  4. Selective Sharing: Not every post needs to be shared on Telegram. WP Telegram Pro allows you to choose which content to share, giving you full control over your communication strategy.
  5. Auto Updates: When you make changes to your published content on WordPress, WP Telegram Pro ensures that your Telegram posts are updated automatically, eliminating the need for manual edits.
  6. Performance Optimization: The plugin is optimized for performance, ensuring that your website remains fast and responsive even when sharing content with Telegram.

Why Choose WP Telegram Pro?

Effective communication and content sharing are vital for any website owner or content creator. WP Telegram Pro streamlines the process, enabling you to reach your audience on Telegram with ease.

By using WP Telegram Pro 2.1 (GPL), you can:

  • Extend your content’s reach by leveraging the Telegram platform.
  • Keep your audience informed and engaged in real time.
  • Customize messages to align with your brand and audience preferences.
  • Save time by scheduling content distribution in advance.
  • Ensure that your Telegram posts stay up-to-date with your website content.

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PS:This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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WP Telegram Pro 2.1 GPL
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