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WP Staging Pro 5.1.3 GPL Version

WP Staging Pro is a plugin that lets you create a staging site for your WordPress site in seconds. A staging site is a clone of your live site that you can use to test changes, updates, or new features without affecting your visitors. WP Staging Pro makes it easy to create and manage your staging sites with a simple interface and one-click actions. You can also push your changes from the staging site to the live site with a single click. WP Staging Pro is a must-have plugin for any WordPress site owner who wants to avoid errors, downtime, and lost revenue. With WP Staging Pro, you can:

  • Create unlimited staging sites with different settings and options
  • Test plugins, themes, code snippets, or customizations safely and securely
  • Compare the differences between the staging and live sites with a visual tool
  • Choose which files and database tables to copy or exclude
  • Sync specific files or tables between the staging and live sites
  • Backup and restore your staging sites easily
  • Protect your staging sites with authentication or SSL
  • Use WP Staging Pro on multisite networks or subdomains

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PS: This plugin is updated at regular intervals.


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