WP Sheet Editor – WooCommerce Orders 1.3.9 GPL



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WP Sheet Editor – WooCommerce Orders 1.3.9 GPL Version

This plugin is tailored to streamline the process of managing WooCommerce orders. It’s particularly beneficial for e-commerce sites that handle a high volume of orders and require efficient tools for order management.

Key Features

  1. Bulk Editing of Orders: Enables the editing of multiple orders at once, significantly improving time management and efficiency.
  2. Spreadsheet-Like Interface: Offers a familiar, easy-to-use spreadsheet interface for order management.
  3. Advanced Filtering and Search: Features powerful tools for searching and filtering orders, aiding in quickly finding specific orders.
  4. Custom Field Support: Allows the addition and management of custom fields in orders, providing greater flexibility.
  5. Order Export and Import: Facilitates the exporting and importing of order data, which is useful for backups or analysis.

Benefits for Your WooCommerce Site

  • Enhanced Order Management: Streamlines the process of updating, organizing, and tracking orders, leading to better operational efficiency.
  • Time-Saving Bulk Operations: The ability to manage multiple orders simultaneously saves considerable time, especially for busy e-commerce sites.
  • Improved Order Customization: Custom field capabilities allow for more detailed and specific order management.
  • Effective Order Tracking and Analysis: Advanced search and filtering tools enable effective tracking and analysis of order data.

PS:This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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WP Sheet Editor – WooCommerce Orders 1.3.9 GPL
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