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WP Sheet Editor EDD Downloads Pro 1.0.65 GPL Version

WP Sheet Editor EDD Downloads Pro 1.0.65 GPL is a powerful plugin designed for WordPress sites using Easy Digital Downloads. It allows you to manage digital products efficiently using a spreadsheet-like interface, streamlining the process of editing and organizing downloads.

Notable Features of WP Sheet Editor EDD Downloads Pro 1.0.65:

  • Spreadsheet Interface: Edit and manage your digital downloads in a familiar, Excel-like environment, saving time and reducing complexity.
  • Bulk Editing: Make changes to multiple products at once, such as price adjustments, category updates, or tagging, with just a few clicks.
  • Advanced Filtering: Easily sort and filter products based on various criteria, helping you to quickly find and edit specific items.
  • Custom Field Support: Add and edit custom fields directly in the spreadsheet, allowing for extended product information and customization.
  • GPL Licensing: As with all GPL-licensed software, you have the freedom to use, modify, and distribute the plugin, benefitting from the community’s collective improvements and support.

What’s Enhanced in Version 1.0.65?

  • Improved Performance: Enhanced speed and responsiveness, particularly when dealing with a large number of products.
  • User Experience Upgrades: A more intuitive and user-friendly interface makes managing digital downloads even simpler.
  • Compatibility Checks: Regular updates for compatibility with the latest WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads versions.
  • Additional Customization Options: New features and settings provide more control over how you manage and display your digital products.

PS:This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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WP Sheet Editor EDD Downloads Pro 1.0.65 GPL
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