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WP Reset Pro 6.13 GPL Version


WP Reset Pro 6.13 is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily undo any change on your site by restoring a snapshot, or reset the entire site or any of its parts to the default values. It is a powerful tool for developers, testers, and site owners who want to quickly and safely test new features, themes, or plugins without risking their site’s functionality or appearance.

With WP Reset Pro 6.13, you can:

  • Create multiple snapshots of your site and restore them with one click
  • Reset the database, plugins, themes, uploads, or custom tables to their original state
  • Use the nuclear reset option to delete all files and database tables
  • Activate the emergency recovery script to access your site even if it’s broken
  • Use the WP-CLI commands to perform any action from the command line
  • Manage multiple sites from one dashboard with the cloud service
  • Get access to premium features such as collections, licenses, white-label, and multisite support

WP Reset Pro 6.13 is compatible with all WordPress versions and works with any theme or plugin. It is also 100% safe and secure, as it does not modify or delete any files outside the WordPress installation folder. It also creates backups of your site before performing any action, so you can always revert back if something goes wrong.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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WP Reset Pro 6.13 GPL
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