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WP-Lister Pro for eBay 3.5.5 GPL Version

WP-Lister Pro for eBay 3.5.5 is a plugin that allows you to list and manage your WooCommerce products on eBay. It connects your WooCommerce site with your eBay store, and lets you sync inventory, orders, and prices between the two platforms. It also supports multiple eBay accounts, sites, and currencies.

Some of the features of WP-Lister Pro for eBay 3.5.5 are:

  • You can create and edit listings from your WordPress dashboard, using a simple and intuitive interface.
  • You can apply profiles to your products, which are sets of predefined options and settings for listing on eBay.
  • You can choose from various listing templates, or create your own custom template with HTML and CSS.
  • You can use the built-in template editor to preview and modify your listings before publishing them on eBay.
  • You can schedule your listings to start and end at a specific time, or use the auto-relist feature to relist them automatically.
  • You can import your existing listings from eBay to WooCommerce, and update them with the latest data.
  • You can view and manage your orders from both WooCommerce and eBay in one place.
  • You can send tracking information and feedback to your buyers from your WordPress dashboard.
  • You can use the bulk edit feature to update multiple listings at once.

WP-Lister Pro for eBay 3.5.5 is a powerful and user-friendly plugin that can help you sell more products on eBay and grow your online business.

PS: This plugin is updated regularly.


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