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WP Fusion Webhooks (Zapier) 1.3.1 GPL Version

Plugin Description

Do you want to integrate your WordPress site with Zapier or other third-party services? If yes, then you should check out the WP Fusion Webhooks (Zapier) 1.3.1 plugin for WordPress. This plugin is a powerful extension that allows you to send webhooks from WP Fusion to any URL based on events happening on your site. You can use this plugin to automate workflows, sync data, and trigger actions across different platforms.

WP Fusion Webhooks (Zapier) 1.3.1 is compatible with the WP Fusion plugin, which is a robust and flexible solution for connecting your WordPress site with your favorite CRM and marketing automation tools. You can create and manage your own company profile, HR, CRM, accounting, and project management modules with WP Fusion.

With WP Fusion Webhooks (Zapier) 1.3.1, you can:

  • Create unlimited webhooks for different events, such as user registration, user update, tag applied, tag removed, form submitted, and more.
  • Customize the payload data that is sent with each webhook, such as user ID, email, name, tags, meta fields, and more.
  • Test your webhooks before publishing them and view the response data in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Use Zapier to connect your webhooks with over 2,000 apps and services, such as Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and more.
  • Use any other service that supports webhooks as a receiver, such as Integromat,, Pabbly Connect, and more.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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WP Fusion Webhooks (Zapier) 1.3.1 GPL
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