WP Fastest Cache Premium 1.7.0 GPL

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WP Fastest Cache Premium 1.7.0 GPL Version

WP Fastest Cache Premium 1.7.0 is a plugin that helps you speed up your WordPress site by creating and delivering static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress content. It is a premium version of the WP Fastest Cache plugin, which is a free and popular plugin for WordPress caching. With WP Fastest Cache Premium, you can:

  • Enable mobile cache, widget cache, minify HTML plus, minify CSS plus, minify JS, combine JS plus, defer Javascript, optimize images, convert WebP, database cleanup, Google Fonts async, and lazy load features to improve your site’s performance and user experience.
  • Manage your cache settings and clear your cache from the WordPress dashboard or the admin toolbar.
  • Exclude specific pages, posts, categories, or user roles from caching.
  • Set expiration times for different types of cached files.
  • Use CDN integration to serve your static files from a global network of servers.
  • Use SSL and Cloudflare support to ensure the security and compatibility of your site.

WP Fastest Cache Premium 1.7.0 is compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins that follow the WordPress standards. It also supports multilingual sites, GDPR compliance, and WP CLI commands.

PS: This plugin is updated at regular intervals.


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Original price was: €8.75.Current price is: €3.99.
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