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WooCommerce Zapier Integration 2.9.0 GPL


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WooCommerce Zapier Integration 2.9.0 GPL Version

If you are looking for a way to connect your WooCommerce store with thousands of cloud apps and services, you might want to check out the WooCommerce Zapier Integration plugin. This plugin lets you automate your workflows by sending and receiving data between WooCommerce and Zapier, a web automation service that supports over 5000 apps.

With the WooCommerce Zapier Integration plugin, you can set up triggers and actions to automate tasks such as adding customers to your CRM, sending order confirmations, updating product prices, creating coupons, and more. You can also use Zapier to create or update WooCommerce data from other apps, such as Google Sheets, Gmail, MailChimp, Slack, and more.

The plugin supports two-way integration for orders, coupons, customers, products and variations, and subscriptions. It also supports one-way integration for bookings. You can choose from various trigger rules and input fields to customize your data transfer.

The plugin is easy to set up and use. You just need to install it on your WooCommerce store, create a Zapier account, and connect them using the API key provided by the plugin. Then you can start creating Zaps (automations) using the WooCommerce app on Zapier.

The plugin is regularly updated with new features and improvements. The latest version 2.9.0 introduces a new input field for data arrays, also known as line item data. This field allows you to access more information about your orders, products, subscriptions, and more. For example, you can use it to get the product name, quantity, price, tax, and total for each line item in an order.

The plugin also fully supports WooCommerce’s High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) feature, which improves the performance of your store by storing order data in custom tables. The plugin also supports variable products and individual product variations, which means you can create or update them using Zapier. Additionally, the plugin has new trigger rules for product stock status changes and low stock threshold, which can help you manage your inventory more efficiently.

The WooCommerce Zapier Integration plugin is a powerful tool that can help you save time and money by automating your WooCommerce store.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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WooCommerce Zapier Integration 2.9.0 GPL
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