WooCommerce RedSys Payment Gateway 24.1.0 GPL



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WooCommerce RedSys Payment Gateway 24.1.0 GPL Version

If you want to use Redsys, the leading Spanish payment gateway, for your WooCommerce store, you might want to use the WooCommerce RedSys Payment Gateway 24.1.0 plugin. This plugin allows you to integrate Redsys with your WooCommerce store and accept payments from various cards and banks. You can also use Iupay, a secure online payment service, as an alternative payment method.

With this plugin, you can also enable refund, tokenization, and sequential invoice features for your WooCommerce store. Refund allows you to process refunds from your WooCommerce dashboard without accessing Redsys. Tokenization allows you to save your customers’ card details securely and enable them to pay with one click. Sequential invoice allows you to generate invoices with sequential numbers for each order.

The plugin also supports WPML, a plugin that allows you to create multilingual websites. You can translate the plugin texts and messages into different languages and offer a localized payment experience for your customers.

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PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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WooCommerce RedSys Payment Gateway 24.1.0 GPL
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