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WooCommerce Product Retailers 1.17.0 GPL Version

Discover the power of WooCommerce Product Retailers 1.17.0 GPL, a dynamic plugin designed to diversify your online sales strategy. Tailored for WooCommerce platforms, this tool is perfect for businesses seeking to expand their retail channels and provide customers with a variety of purchasing options.

Main Features:
  • Multiple Retailer Integration: List multiple retailers for each product, offering customers different buying options directly from your product pages.
  • External Linking for Purchases: Facilitate purchases through external retailer links, guiding customers to where they can buy your products elsewhere online.
  • Retailer Price Display: Show the price offered by different retailers, allowing customers to compare and choose the best option.
  • Easy Retailer Management: Manage retailer information with ease, keeping details such as names, URLs, and prices up to date.
  • Customizable Button Texts: Personalize the call-to-action buttons for external retailer links, enhancing user engagement and clarity.
Advantages for Your WooCommerce Store:
  • Expanded Market Reach: By connecting with multiple retailers, tap into their customer bases and extend your market presence.
  • Customer Convenience: Provide a more versatile shopping experience by offering various purchasing avenues, catering to different customer preferences.
  • Competitive Edge: Displaying price comparisons on your site can encourage customers to make informed decisions, boosting their trust in your brand.
  • Streamlined Administration: The plugin’s intuitive backend simplifies retailer management, saving you time and effort in maintaining up-to-date product information.

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PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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WooCommerce Product Retailers 1.17.0 GPL
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