WooCommerce Product Licenser- Elite Licenser Pro Addon 1.3 GPL

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WooCommerce Product Licenser- Elite Licenser Pro Addon 1.3 GPL Version

Efficiently manage product licensing for your WooCommerce store with the WooCommerce Product Licenser – Elite Licenser Pro Addon 1.3 GPL. This addon offers advanced features to streamline the licensing process, protect your digital products, and ensure compliance with licensing agreements. Whether you’re selling software, digital downloads, or other licensed products, this addon provides the flexibility and functionality you need to manage licenses effectively.

Key Features:

  1. Flexible License Generation: Generate and manage licenses for digital products sold through your WooCommerce store seamlessly. The Elite Licenser Pro Addon offers flexible options for license generation, allowing you to create unique license keys for each product or product variation.
  2. Automated License Delivery: Automatically deliver license keys to customers upon purchase, streamlining the checkout process and ensuring instant access to licensed products. This addon integrates with WooCommerce to deliver license keys via email or direct download, providing a seamless user experience.
  3. Customizable License Settings: Customize license settings and parameters to align with your product offerings and licensing requirements. The Elite Licenser Pro Addon allows you to define license durations, activation limits, usage restrictions, and other settings to control how licenses are used and managed.
  4. License Activation and Management: Enable customers to activate and manage their licenses easily through a user-friendly interface. This addon provides tools for license activation, deactivation, and renewal, giving customers control over their licensed products and ensuring compliance with usage terms.
  5. Usage Tracking and Reporting: Track license activations, usage statistics, and other key metrics to monitor product usage and compliance. The Elite Licenser Pro Addon offers reporting and analytics features that provide insights into how customers are using licensed products, allowing you to optimize licensing strategies and identify potential issues.
  6. Integration with Third-Party Services: Seamlessly integrate with third-party services and platforms to extend functionality and enhance licensing capabilities. The Elite Licenser Pro Addon ensures compatibility with popular services such as software activation servers, license management platforms, and CRM systems, providing a comprehensive solution for product licensing and management.
  7. Security and Protection: Protect your digital products and intellectual property with robust security measures and encryption techniques. The Elite Licenser Pro Addon implements industry-standard security protocols to safeguard license keys and prevent unauthorized access or distribution of licensed products.


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WooCommerce Product Licenser- Elite Licenser Pro Addon 1.3 GPL
Original price was: €8.75.Current price is: €3.99.
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