WooCommerce Product Bundles 7.1.0 GPL

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WooCommerce Product Bundles 7.1.0 GPL Version

WooCommerce Product Bundles 7.1.0 is another plugin that you might want to check out if you are running an e-commerce website. This plugin allows you to create and sell bundles of products that can be customized by your customers. You can use this plugin to offer discounts, upsells, subscriptions, and more.

Some of the benefits of using WooCommerce Product Bundles 7.1.0 are:

  • You can increase your sales by offering bundles of products that are frequently bought together or complement each other. For example, you can create a bundle of a laptop, a mouse, and a keyboard, and offer a lower price than buying them separately.
  • You can also create bundles of products that require assembly or configuration, such as furniture, computers, or skateboards. You can let your customers choose the parts they want, and adjust the price accordingly.
  • You can offer subscriptions for physical products that are delivered periodically, such as shaving kits, coffee beans, or pet food. You can use WooCommerce Subscriptions to manage the recurring payments and shipments.
  • You can boost your average order value by recommending add-ons and essentials for your products. For example, you can suggest a case, a charger, and a screen protector for a smartphone purchase.
  • You can create dynamic pricing rules for your bundles based on the quantity or value of the items selected. For example, you can offer a 10% discount if the customer buys more than 3 items in a bundle.

WooCommerce Product Bundles 7.1.0 is easy to use and configure. You can create bundles of simple, variable, or subscription products, or even specific variations.

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PS: This plugin is updated regularly.


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