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Woocommerce Paint Cost Estimator 1.0.6 GPL Version

Efficiently calculate paint costs for your customers’ projects with WooCommerce Paint Cost Estimator 1.0.6 GPL. This plugin offers a user-friendly interface that enables customers to estimate the cost of paint required for their painting projects directly from your WooCommerce store. Whether you’re running a paint supply business, a home improvement store, or a painting service, this tool simplifies the estimation process, enhances customer experience, and boosts sales.

Key Features:

  1. User-Friendly Estimation Tool: Provide customers with an intuitive interface for estimating paint costs based on project parameters such as room dimensions, surface type, paint type, and coverage area. WooCommerce Paint Cost Estimator offers a user-friendly experience that guides customers through the estimation process effortlessly.
  2. Customizable Product Options: Customize product options and parameters to align with your inventory and pricing structure. This plugin allows you to define paint types, colors, quantities, and pricing options, ensuring accurate cost estimations based on available products and pricing tiers.
  3. Interactive Estimation Form: Present customers with an interactive estimation form where they can input project details and preferences. WooCommerce Paint Cost Estimator dynamically calculates paint quantities and costs based on user inputs, providing instant feedback and transparency throughout the estimation process.
  4. Real-Time Price Updates: Display real-time price updates as customers adjust project parameters and preferences. This plugin calculates paint costs dynamically, ensuring that customers have accurate and up-to-date pricing information based on their specific project requirements.
  5. Visual Representation: Provide customers with a visual representation of their paint project, including coverage area, paint type, and color selections. WooCommerce Paint Cost Estimator offers visual cues and feedback to help customers visualize their project and make informed decisions about paint quantities and colors.
  6. Customizable Pricing Rules: Define custom pricing rules and calculations to accommodate different paint types, quantities, and pricing structures. This plugin allows you to set pricing tiers, discounts, and promotions based on project parameters, ensuring flexibility and competitiveness in pricing.
  7. Seamless Integration with WooCommerce: Integrate seamlessly with your WooCommerce store to offer paint cost estimation as part of the shopping experience. WooCommerce Paint Cost Estimator integrates with your existing product catalog and checkout process, allowing customers to add estimated paint quantities to their cart and complete their purchase seamlessly.


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Woocommerce Paint Cost Estimator 1.0.6 GPL
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