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WooCommerce Order Details 3.1 GPL Version

Streamline your WooCommerce order management process with WooCommerce Order Details 3.1 GPL. This powerful plugin offers enhanced functionality for viewing and managing order details directly from your WordPress dashboard. Whether you’re a store owner, manager, or administrator, this tool simplifies order tracking, improves efficiency, and enhances customer service.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Order Details: Access detailed information about each order directly from the WordPress dashboard. WooCommerce Order Details provides a centralized view of order status, customer details, product information, payment details, and shipping information, allowing you to manage orders efficiently.
  2. Customizable Order Views: Customize the order details view to suit your specific needs and preferences. WooCommerce Order Details allows you to choose which order fields and metadata to display, enabling you to tailor the view to focus on the most relevant information for your workflow.
  3. Order Filtering and Sorting: Easily filter and sort orders based on various criteria such as order status, payment method, order date, and customer name. This plugin provides robust filtering and sorting options, allowing you to quickly locate specific orders and streamline your workflow.
  4. Bulk Order Actions: Perform bulk actions on multiple orders simultaneously to save time and effort. WooCommerce Order Details enables you to process orders, update order statuses, print packing slips, and send order notifications in bulk, improving efficiency and productivity.
  5. Order Notes Management: Add, edit, and manage order notes directly from the order details view. WooCommerce Order Details allows you to communicate with customers, internal team members, and third-party service providers efficiently, ensuring clear and effective communication throughout the order fulfillment process.
  6. Export Order Data: Export order data to CSV or Excel format for further analysis or integration with external systems. This plugin provides robust export functionality, allowing you to extract order information, sales data, and customer details for reporting, accounting, or other purposes.
  7. Integration with Other Plugins: Seamlessly integrate with other WooCommerce plugins and extensions to extend functionality and enhance order management capabilities. WooCommerce Order Details ensures compatibility with popular extensions such as WooCommerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Memberships, and WooCommerce Bookings, providing a comprehensive solution for managing orders across different product types and use cases.

Streamline Order Management and Enhance Customer Service:

WooCommerce Order Details 3.1 GPL empowers you to streamline your order management process and deliver exceptional customer service. By providing comprehensive order details, customizable views, bulk actions, and integration with other WooCommerce plugins, this plugin simplifies order tracking, improves efficiency, and enhances the overall shopping experience for your customers. Elevate your WooCommerce store’s order management capabilities with WooCommerce Order Details.


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WooCommerce Order Details 3.1 GPL
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