WooCommerce Delivery Area Pro 2.2.4 GPL

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WooCommerce Delivery Area Pro 2.2.4 GPL Version

WooCommerce Delivery Area Pro 2.2.4 GPL is an invaluable plugin for WooCommerce stores that manage their own delivery services. By allowing you to define specific delivery areas, this tool ensures that your customers know whether delivery is available to their location before they place an order. This clarity improves customer satisfaction and streamlines your delivery operations. Here’s how WooCommerce Delivery Area Pro can enhance your online store:

1. Define Delivery Areas: Easily create custom delivery areas using a variety of tools, including drawing a radius, using pre-defined zip/post codes, or drawing custom polygons on a map. This flexibility ensures you can accurately define your delivery zones based on your actual service capabilities.

2. Check Delivery Availability: Customers can check delivery availability directly from product pages or at checkout by entering their address or zip/post code. This immediate feedback ensures customers have a clear understanding of whether they can receive deliveries, reducing cart abandonment due to delivery uncertainties.

3. Customize Product Availability: Not all products may be available for delivery to all areas. WooCommerce Delivery Area Pro allows you to specify which products can be delivered to which areas, providing further customization and control over your delivery service.

4. Block Non-Deliverable Orders: Prevent frustration and operational complications by blocking orders that fall outside your defined delivery areas. The plugin can automatically detect and inform customers when their address is not within the delivery zone at the checkout stage.

5. Import and Export Delivery Areas: For stores with extensive delivery zones, WooCommerce Delivery Area Pro supports the import and export of delivery area data. This feature saves time and effort when setting up the plugin or updating delivery zones.

6. Customizable Map Settings: Tailor the look and functionality of the delivery area maps to match your website’s design and preferences. Adjust map colors, borders, and markers for a seamless integration into your site’s aesthetic.

7. Shortcode Support: Incorporate delivery area check functionality anywhere on your site using shortcodes. This versatility allows you to place delivery check forms on product pages, in sidebars, or on dedicated pages.

8. Responsive Design: The plugin is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring that the delivery area check feature works seamlessly across all devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones, enhancing the user experience for all customers.

9. Compatibility and Updates: WooCommerce Delivery Area Pro 2.2.4 GPL is compatible with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress, ensuring a smooth integration with your online store. Regular updates provide new features and ensure ongoing compatibility.

10. GPL Licensing: Released under the General Public License, WooCommerce Delivery Area Pro 2.2.4 GPL grants you the freedom to use, modify, and distribute the software according to your needs. This open-source approach fosters innovation and customization, allowing you to tailor the plugin to meet your specific business requirements.

In summary, WooCommerce Delivery Area Pro 2.2.4 GPL is a powerful solution for WooCommerce stores that offer local delivery services. By providing precise control over delivery zones and improving the customer’s checkout experience, this plugin can significantly enhance the efficiency of your delivery operations and increase customer satisfaction.


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WooCommerce Delivery Area Pro 2.2.4 GPL
Original price was: €7.50.Current price is: €3.99.
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