WooCommerce Cart Hopper (WooFunnels) 3.5.2 GPL

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WooCommerce Cart Hopper (WooFunnels) 3.5.2 GPL Version

WooCommerce Cart Hopper (WooFunnels) 3.5.2 is a plugin that allows you to add a cart modification feature to your WooCommerce checkout page. With this plugin, you can let your customers edit their cart items without leaving the checkout page. This can help you reduce cart abandonment and increase customer satisfaction.

Some of the benefits of using WooCommerce Cart Hopper are:

  • You can enable a mini cart on the checkout page, where customers can see the details of their cart items, such as product name, price, quantity, and image.
  • You can allow customers to delete items from their cart, and also recover deleted items with a single click.
  • You can allow customers to adjust the quantity of their cart items, and update the cart total and taxes accordingly.
  • You can customize the appearance and position of the cart hopper button and the mini cart according to your theme and style.
  • You can integrate the plugin with other WooFunnels plugins, such as Aero Checkout, Order Bump, and One Click Upsell.

WooCommerce Cart Hopper is a plugin that is designed for WooCommerce store owners who want to offer a convenient and user-friendly checkout experience to their customers. It is fast, lightweight, and easy to use. It is also regularly updated with new features and bug fixes.

PS: This plugin is updated regularly.


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WooCommerce Cart Hopper (WooFunnels) 3.5.2 GPLWooCommerce Cart Hopper (WooFunnels) 3.5.2 GPL
Original price was: €7.25.Current price is: €3.99.
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