Woo Product Table Pro – WooCommerce Product Table view solution 8.2.4 GPL



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Woo Product Table Pro – WooCommerce Product Table view solution 8.2.4 GPL Version

Enhance the browsing experience for your customers and streamline your WooCommerce store’s layout with Woo Product Table Pro 8.2.4 GPL. This comprehensive solution offers a user-friendly product table view, enabling visitors to browse and compare products quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re running an online store, a catalog website, or a product listing page, Woo Product Table Pro empowers you to showcase your products effectively and drive conversions with ease.

Key Features:

  1. Product Table View: Present your products in a structured and organized table format, providing customers with a clear overview of available options. Woo Product Table Pro streamlines the browsing experience by displaying essential product details in a concise and easy-to-navigate table layout.
  2. Customizable Columns: Tailor the product table to suit your specific needs and preferences. Choose which product attributes and metadata to display in the table, such as name, price, description, SKU, stock status, and more. With customizable columns, you can create a product view that meets your customers’ expectations and enhances usability.
  3. Advanced Filtering and Sorting: Enable customers to find products quickly and efficiently with built-in filtering and sorting options. Woo Product Table Pro allows users to filter products by category, price range, attributes, tags, and more, making it easy to narrow down search results and find the desired items.
  4. Responsive Design: Ensure a seamless browsing experience across all devices and screen sizes. Woo Product Table Pro is fully responsive, adapting dynamically to desktops, tablets, and smartphones, so customers can explore your product catalog from anywhere, at any time.
  5. Quick View and Add to Cart: Streamline the purchase process with quick view and add-to-cart functionality directly from the product table. Customers can preview product details and add items to their cart without leaving the table view, reducing friction and increasing conversion rates.
  6. Pagination and Load More: Manage large product catalogs efficiently with pagination and load more options. Woo Product Table Pro allows you to control the number of products displayed per page, ensuring optimal performance and usability, even with extensive product listings.
  7. Integration with WooCommerce Extensions: Seamlessly integrate with popular WooCommerce extensions and plugins to enhance functionality and expand capabilities. Whether you’re using additional payment gateways, shipping methods, or product addons, Woo Product Table Pro integrates smoothly with your existing WooCommerce setup.

Streamline Product Browsing and Increase Conversions:

Woo Product Table Pro 8.2.4 GPL empowers you to create a user-friendly and efficient product browsing experience for your customers. By presenting products in a structured table view and offering advanced filtering and sorting options, you can streamline the shopping process and increase conversions on your WooCommerce store. Elevate your product display and enhance customer satisfaction with Woo Product Table Pro.


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Woo Product Table Pro – WooCommerce Product Table view solution 8.2.4 GPL
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