WISDM Customer Specific Pricing 4.6.9 GPL

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WISDM Customer Specific Pricing 4.6.9 GPL Version

Customize your pricing strategy and cater to individual customer needs effectively with WISDM Customer Specific Pricing 4.6.9. This versatile plugin offers a comprehensive solution for implementing customer-specific pricing rules, discounts, and promotions in your WooCommerce store, empowering you to personalize the shopping experience, maximize customer satisfaction, and drive sales growth. Whether you’re targeting specific customer segments, offering bulk discounts, or providing personalized pricing agreements, WISDM Customer Specific Pricing enables you to implement dynamic pricing strategies that align with your business goals and customer preferences.

Key Features:

  1. Customer Segmentation: Segment customers based on various criteria, such as user roles, membership levels, purchase history, or demographic information. WISDM Customer Specific Pricing offers flexible segmentation options that allow you to create custom pricing rules and discounts tailored to specific customer groups, ensuring targeted marketing and personalized pricing strategies.
  2. Dynamic Pricing Rules: Implement dynamic pricing rules to offer personalized discounts, promotions, and incentives to individual customers or customer groups. This plugin provides a user-friendly interface for creating pricing rules based on percentage discounts, fixed discounts, bulk pricing tiers, buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offers, or quantity-based discounts, enabling you to optimize pricing strategies and maximize sales.
  3. Product-Level Pricing: Set custom pricing for individual products or product categories based on customer preferences or purchasing behavior. WISDM Customer Specific Pricing allows you to override default product prices and apply custom pricing rules for specific customers, ensuring competitive pricing and targeted marketing for high-value customers or VIP clients.
  4. Role-Based Pricing: Assign custom pricing rules and discounts based on user roles or membership levels within your WooCommerce store. This plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress user roles and membership plugins, allowing you to offer exclusive pricing privileges to premium members, wholesale buyers, or privileged customers, enhancing customer loyalty and retention.
  5. Scheduled Pricing Changes: Schedule pricing changes and promotions to coincide with seasonal events, holidays, or marketing campaigns. WISDM Customer Specific Pricing offers scheduling capabilities that allow you to set start and end dates for pricing rules and discounts, automate promotional activities, and create urgency and excitement among customers, driving sales and revenue.
  6. Visibility Control: Control the visibility of custom pricing rules and discounts to ensure consistency and transparency in pricing. This plugin offers options for displaying discounted prices, original prices, or both on product pages, cart pages, and checkout pages, providing clarity and reassurance to customers and avoiding confusion or misunderstandings.
  7. Reporting and Analytics: Monitor the performance and effectiveness of your pricing strategies with comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. WISDM Customer Specific Pricing provides insights into sales trends, revenue impact, customer behavior, and ROI for pricing rules and discounts, allowing you to evaluate the success of your pricing initiatives and optimize strategies for future growth.

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WISDM Customer Specific Pricing 4.6.9 GPL
Original price was: €17.50.Current price is: €4.49.
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