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Web Stories Generator 2.0.5 GPL Version

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Please note that a license key is required in order to use this item. We don’t have this.

Web Stories Generator is a WordPress plugin that lets you transform your posts into web stories automatically. You don’t have to do anything other than activating the plugin and publishing new content. The plugin will generate web stories from your posts in real time and update them whenever you make any changes.

With Web Stories Generator, you can:

  • Create beautiful and engaging web stories with animations and tappable interactions.
  • Enjoy the benefits of web stories, such as fast loading, immersive fullscreen, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly.
  • Monetize your web stories with automatic ads placement.
  • Integrate your web stories with your analytics tool to track their performance.
  • Customize your web stories with your visual identity, colors, fonts, and logo.

Web Stories Generator is easy to set up and use. Just download, activate and go to Settings > Web Stories Generator and configure the plugin options. You can also use the shortcode [web_stories_generator] to display your web stories on any page or post.

PS: This plugin receives regular and consistent updates.


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Web Stories Generator 2.0.5 GPLWeb Stories Generator 2.0.5 GPL
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