User Extra Fields 16.7 GPL

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User Extra Fields 16.7 GPL Version

Upgrade your WordPress user profiles with User Extra Fields 16.7 GPL. This versatile plugin allows you to extend user profiles beyond the standard fields, enabling you to collect additional information from your users and tailor their profiles to better suit your website’s needs. Whether you’re running a membership site, an online community, or an e-commerce platform, User Extra Fields empowers you to create more comprehensive and personalized user experiences.

Key Features:

  1. Custom Field Creation: Easily add custom fields to user profiles, including text fields, dropdown menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more. With User Extra Fields, you have the flexibility to collect a wide range of information from your users, such as bio, interests, preferences, and contact details.
  2. User Registration Integration: Seamlessly integrate custom fields into the user registration process, allowing new users to provide additional information when signing up for your website. Customize the registration form to include the fields that are most relevant to your site’s registration process.
  3. Profile Editing: Enable users to edit and update their profiles, including custom fields, from their account settings. User Extra Fields provides a user-friendly interface for users to manage their profile information, ensuring that their profiles are always up to date.
  4. Conditional Logic: Create dynamic and interactive user profiles with conditional logic for custom fields. Show or hide fields based on user input or specific criteria, allowing you to personalize the user experience and collect relevant information more efficiently.
  5. Profile Visibility Control: Control the visibility of custom fields on user profiles, allowing you to restrict access to certain fields based on user roles or permissions. Maintain privacy and security by ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized users.
  6. Data Import and Export: Easily import and export user data, including custom fields, for backup purposes or migration to other platforms. User Extra Fields provides seamless data management capabilities, allowing you to maintain control over your user data at all times.
  7. Integration with User Management Plugins: User Extra Fields integrates seamlessly with popular user management plugins, such as WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and Ultimate Member, enhancing their functionality and allowing you to create more robust user experiences.

Personalize User Experiences with Customized Profiles:

User Extra Fields 16.7 GPL empowers you to create more personalized and engaging user experiences by extending user profiles with custom fields. Whether you’re collecting additional information from users, tailoring profiles to specific user roles, or enhancing profile visibility and management, User Extra Fields provides the tools you need to create dynamic and interactive user profiles. Elevate your WordPress website with User Extra Fields and unlock the full potential of user customization.


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User Extra Fields 16.7 GPL
Original price was: €7.75.Current price is: €3.99.
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