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Unicamp Addons 1.1.0 GPL Version


Do you want to create a stunning and professional website for your university, college, or school? Do you want to add some useful and attractive features and functionality to your educational site? If so, you should try the Unicamp Addons 1.1.0 plugin!

Unicamp Addons is a WordPress plugin that works with the Unicamp theme to provide you with more options and customization for your educational site. You can use it to create and manage additional elements, such as:

  • Courses: You can create courses to showcase your curriculum and programs. You can customize the course details, such as title, description, image, video, price, duration, and more. You can also add custom fields to your courses, such as prerequisites, objectives, or outcomes.
  • Instructors: You can create instructors to display your faculty and staff. You can customize the instructor details, such as name, photo, bio, social links, and more. You can also assign courses to instructors and display them on their profiles.
  • Events: You can create events to announce your upcoming activities and happenings. You can customize the event details, such as title, description, image, date, time, location, and more. You can also add custom fields to your events, such as speakers, sponsors, or registration.
  • Testimonials: You can create testimonials to show the feedback and reviews from your students and alumni. You can customize the testimonial details, such as name, photo, rating, and text. You can also add custom fields to your testimonials, such as course, year, or occupation.

With Unicamp Addons, you can:

  • Create responsive and elegant elements that work on any device
  • Choose from different element types, such as courses, instructors, events, or testimonials
  • Customize the appearance and behavior of your elements with various options
  • Add filters and pagination to your elements for better navigation and information
  • Use shortcodes or blocks to display your elements anywhere on your site
  • Import and export your elements using the WordPress built-in tools

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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Unicamp Addons 1.1.0 GPL
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