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Toolkit For Elementor 1.4.9 GPL Version

Toolkit For Elementor 1.4.9 is a plugin that allows you to build faster and lighter Elementor sites with over 20 performance tweaks and site admin tools. It is one of the only plugins developed specifically for Elementor, and it is recommended by Elementor as one of their add-ons.

Some of the features of Toolkit For Elementor are:

  • Booster: A suite of performance tweaks that can help you improve your site’s speed, loading time, and Core Web Vitals scores. You can enable or disable various options, such as preloading fonts and images, deferring or delaying JS scripts, dequeuing unneeded CSS and JS files, lazy rendering HTML elements, and more.
  • Syncer: A tool that lets you share your saved Elementor templates across your other sites without using a cloud service. You just need to generate a Syncer Key and connect it to your other sites with a click.
  • Dashing: A tool that allows you to insert an Elementor template into your WP Admin Dashboard. You can use it to create a custom dashboard for yourself or your clients with useful information and links.
  • Secure WP Login: A tool that enables you to change your WP login URL to prevent brute force attacks and hackers. You can also set up a custom login page with an Elementor template.
  • Script Ninja: A tool that helps you identify and manage the CSS and JS files that are loaded on your site. You can dequeue or disable the files that are not needed or cause conflicts with Elementor.

Toolkit For Elementor is a plugin that is designed for Elementor users who want to optimize their site’s performance and productivity. It is fast, lightweight, and easy to use. It is also regularly updated with new features and bug fixes.

PS: This plugin is updated regularly.


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Toolkit For Elementor 1.4.9 GPLToolkit For Elementor 1.4.9 GPL
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