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Tickera Terms & Conditions 1.3.2 GPL Version

If you are using Tickera to create and sell tickets for your events, you might want to add terms and conditions to your checkout process. You might want to inform your customers about your policies, rules, and regulations regarding your events, tickets, refunds, cancellations, and more. You might also want to get their consent and agreement before they complete their purchase.

That’s why you need Tickera Terms & Conditions 1.3.2. This add-on allows you to add terms and conditions to your Tickera checkout page, with various options and settings. You can easily enter your terms and conditions text, link title, error text, and display mode in the Tickera settings.

Tickera Terms & Conditions 1.3.2 has many features that make it legal and professional:

  • It allows you to disable or enable the terms and conditions option, as well as the double opt-in option, which will prompt your customers to confirm their agreement before adding them to your email list.
  • It allows you to display your terms and conditions in a popup or on a separate page, depending on your preference and website design.
  • It allows you to use standard WordPress shortcodes and Gutenberg blocks, so you can easily add the terms and conditions page and edit it with any editor.

PS: Updates for this plugin are frequent and consistent.


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Tickera Terms & Conditions 1.3.2 GPLTickera Terms & Conditions 1.3.2 GPL
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