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Tickera Check-in Notifications 1.1.7 GPL Version.


If you are using Tickera, a powerful WordPress event ticketing system, you might want to check out Tickera Check-in Notifications plugin. This plugin is an add-on for Tickera that lets you send personalized emails to your attendees as soon as their tickets are checked in. You can use this plugin to welcome your guests, share your event agenda or program, confirm their attendance, or any other purpose you have in mind.

With Tickera Check-in Notifications, you can easily customize the email subject, sender name, sender address, and email content for the check-in notifications. You can also use placeholders to insert the attendee name, event name, and ticket type in the email. You can choose whether to send the check-in notifications to the ticket owner, the ticket buyer, or both.

To use this plugin, you need to have Tickera installed and activated on your website. Then, you can go to Tickera Settings > Email and scroll down to the Check-in Notifications area. There you can enter the email settings and content for the check-in notifications. After saving the settings, you can use the check-in apps for iOS, Android, or Chrome Desktop to scan the tickets and trigger the email notifications.

Tickera Check-in Notifications is a useful plugin for anyone who wants to communicate with their event attendees and enhance their experience. It saves you time and hassle by sending automated emails when the tickets are checked in.

PS: The updates for this plugin are steady and frequent.


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Tickera Check-in Notifications 1.1.7 GPLTickera Check-in Notifications 1.1.7 GPL
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