The Events Calendar Filter Bar 5.5.2 GPL

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The Events Calendar Filter Bar 5.5.2 GPL Version


If you have a WordPress website with a lot of events, you might want to make it easier for your visitors to find the events that interest them amid all the entries. Perhaps a user is looking for a free event on the weekend that’s within walking distance. Or they want to see all the events that happen on Monday afternoons. That’s where the Filter Bar comes in! The Filter Bar 5.5.2 is a WordPress plugin that adds a set of filters to your event pages. You can use this plugin with The Events Calendar or The Events Calendar PRO to create a powerful and user-friendly calendar system.

With The Filter Bar 5.5.2, you can customize the filters that appear on your event pages. You can choose from different filter types, such as checkboxes, sliders, dropdowns, or autocomplete. You can also change the titles, order, and default state of the filters. You can enable or disable any filter you want, such as event category, tag, venue, organizer, day of the week, time of day, price, distance, or virtual events.

The Filter Bar 5.5.2 also has some unique and advanced features that make it stand out from other calendar plugins. Some of these features are:

  • Visual selector: You can easily match the parts you need on the target page and the corresponding WordPress field with the visual selector tool.
  • Auto detect: The plugin automatically detects the content, featured image, next page, etc. parts and matches them with the corresponding fields for the suitable source sites.
  • RSS aggregator: The plugin can also scrape content from feeds of websites that are not suitable for plain HTML scraping.
  • Supports all WordPress fields: The plugin automatically fills all fields that are supported by WordPress, such as post type, taxonomies, title, content, excerpt, custom fields, discussion, author, status, date, image, etc.
  • Language translation: The plugin automatically detects the content language and translates it to any language you want.
  • Search and replace: You can transform your content with search and replace feature.
  • Content template with variables: You can generate your own unique content template with variables and transform feature.
  • WooCommerce products: You can create WooCommerce products with the plugin by scraping product data from any website.
  • Math functions: You can perform math operations on any number with math functions. This can be useful for price calculations.
  • Embed any post: You can extract YouTube, Instagram, or Vimeo ID from any website and use it with embed transform feature.
  • Schedule tasks: You can schedule your tasks with different intervals and let the plugin run in the background.
  • Post update: You can select a post to update with scraping.
  • Link strip: You can strip links from the original post content.
  • Proxy support: You can use proxies for scraping process.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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The Events Calendar Filter Bar 5.5.2 GPL
Original price was: €7.75.Current price is: €3.49.
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