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SupportCandy – Timer 3.1.0 GPL Version

SupportCandy – Timer 3.1.0 is a plugin that enables your agents to effortlessly maintain and track time spent on individual tickets. It is an add-on for the SupportCandy plugin, which is a powerful and flexible ticket system for WordPress.

With SupportCandy – Timer 3.1.0, you can improve your ticket management process by recording and tracking the time spent by your agents on each ticket. This can help you to measure the performance of your agents, bill your customers based on the time spent, and optimize your workflow.

SupportCandy – Timer 3.1.0 works independently for every agent, meaning that multiple agents can start the timer parallelly for the same ticket and add a time log. The agent can also add a manual time log record if needed. The timer widget shows the total time spent on the ticket by all agents, as well as the individual time logs.

SupportCandy – Timer 3.1.0 also has various settings available to customize the timer functionality according to your needs. For example, you can:

  • Auto-start the timer when a new ticket is added.
  • Auto-stop all the active timers when the ticket is closed.
  • Allow agents to modify other agents’ time logs.
  • Choose who can see the timer widget in the ticket screen.
  • Use timer logs and time spent macros in the email notifications of the ticket.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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SupportCandy – Timer 3.1.0 GPL
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