Super Store Finder for WordPress (Google Maps Store Locator) 6.9.5 GPL



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Super Store Finder for WordPress (Google Maps Store Locator) 6.9.5 GPL Version

In today’s competitive market, providing a seamless and efficient shopping experience is paramount for any e-commerce business. The Super Store Finder for WordPress, now in its version 6.9.5 GPL, is a robust plugin designed to integrate seamlessly with your WordPress website, offering a powerful Google Maps Store Locator feature. Here’s a concise overview of what makes this plugin a must-have for businesses aiming to enhance their customer interaction and service:

1. Intuitive Store Locator

Super Store Finder for WordPress brings an easy-to-use and responsive store locator to your website, enabling customers to find your physical stores with just a few clicks. Whether you operate a single store or manage a network of locations, this plugin makes it straightforward for customers to get to you, improving overall accessibility and convenience.

2. Google Maps Integration

At the heart of Super Store Finder is its seamless integration with Google Maps, offering real-time location data and directions to your customers. This integration not only provides accurate mapping but also enhances user experience with interactive maps, including zoom, satellite view, and street view options.

3. Customizable and Mobile Responsive

Understanding the importance of brand consistency, Super Store Finder for WordPress is fully customizable. You can adjust the look and feel of your store locator to match your website’s theme. Moreover, it’s mobile responsive, ensuring that customers on any device can effortlessly locate your stores.

4. Powerful Admin Interface

The plugin boasts a powerful admin interface that makes it easy to manage store listings, categories, and tags. Adding, updating, or removing store locations is a breeze, ensuring that your store locator is always up-to-date with the latest information.

5. GPL Licensing

Version 6.9.5 of Super Store Finder for WordPress is GPL-licensed, meaning it adheres to the principles of open-source software. This allows for freedom in using, modifying, and distributing the software, providing flexibility for developers and website owners to tailor the plugin to their specific needs.

6. Support and Updates

Despite being open-source, Super Store Finder for WordPress comes with dedicated support and regular updates. This commitment ensures your store locator remains compatible with the latest web standards and WordPress versions, securing a reliable and smooth experience for your users.

PS: This theme is regularly checked and updated.


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Super Store Finder for WordPress (Google Maps Store Locator) 6.9.5 GPL
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