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Subdomain Endpoints for AMP 1.1.7 GPL Version

If you are looking for a way to improve your website speed, visibility, and user experience, you might want to consider using Subdomain Endpoints for AMP. This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to serve your AMP pages through a subdomain, instead of the default /amp/ endpoint.

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a web technology that optimizes web pages for mobile devices, making them load faster and look better. AMP pages can also rank higher on search engines, as they are preferred by Google and other platforms.

However, some website owners might not like the default /amp/ endpoint that is added to the URL of AMP pages. For example, if your website is, your AMP pages will have the URL This might look unprofessional, confusing, or inconsistent with your branding.

That’s where Subdomain Endpoints for AMP comes in. This plugin lets you create your own custom AMP endpoints as subdomains. For example, you can use instead of This way, you can customize the structure of your AMP URL as per your requirement.

Subdomain Endpoints for AMP has several benefits for your website:

  • It enhances your website performance by serving AMP pages faster through a subdomain.
  • It improves your website visibility on search engines by adding AMP support and following the best practices.
  • It can be easily configured and customized through the WordPress dashboard.
  • It is compatible with other AMP plugins and extensions, such as AMP for WP.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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Subdomain Endpoints for AMP 1.1.7 GPL
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