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Staff List Pro 4.0.4 GPL


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Staff List Pro 4.0.4 GPL Version

Plugin Explanation

If you want to create a professional and attractive directory of your staff, faculty, or team members on your WordPress site, you should check out the Staff List Pro plugin by abcFolio. This plugin allows you to easily manage and display your staff information using custom templates and responsive layouts.

With this plugin, you can create unlimited staff lists and add as many fields as you need, such as photos, contact details, social media links, biographies, and more. You can also customize the look and feel of your staff lists using the built-in options or your own CSS code. You can choose from three responsive layouts: list, grid A, and grid B, and optionally enable a single staff member page to show more details about each person.

The plugin also offers several extensions that add more functionality to your staff lists, such as:

  • Staff List Search: This extension adds advanced search options to your staff lists, such as categories, A-Z menus, text search, and more. You can also choose between a search menu or a search form view.
  • Staff List Table: This extension displays your staff records in a tabular format with sorting, paging, and filtering features. You can also use the instant search option to filter the results by text input.
  • Staff List CSV: This extension allows you to import and export your staff records from and to any spreadsheet application or a CSV file. You can also use this extension to back up or move your staff list templates.
  • Staff List Birthdays & Anniversaries: This extension helps you create and show recurring events such as upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, or newly hired employees.

This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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Staff List Pro 4.0.4 GPL
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