Social Login – WordPress / WooCommerce Plugin 2.5.7 GPL

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Social Login – WordPress / WooCommerce Plugin 2.5.7 GPL Version

Improve the registration and login process on your WordPress or WooCommerce site with Social Login – WordPress / WooCommerce Plugin 2.5.7 GPL. This plugin simplifies user access by allowing visitors to log in or register using their existing social media accounts, reducing the barriers to entry and enhancing user engagement.

Key Features:

  1. Multiple Social Networks: Offer login options via a variety of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and more, catering to a broad user base.
  2. One-Click Registration/Login: Enable users to register or log in to your site with just one click, leveraging their social network profiles, and eliminating the need for separate usernames and passwords.
  3. Seamless Integration: Easily integrate social login buttons on your login, registration, and checkout pages, providing a cohesive user experience.
  4. Customizable Button Design: Tailor the appearance of social login buttons to match your site’s design, maintaining brand consistency.
  5. User Profile Data Import: Automatically import user profile data from social networks, streamlining the registration process and enriching your user database.
  6. Shortcode Support: Utilize shortcodes to place social login buttons anywhere on your site, offering flexible placement and integration options.
  7. Responsive Design: Ensure that social login features are accessible and functional across all devices, providing a consistent user experience regardless of screen size.
  8. WooCommerce Compatibility: Specifically designed to work seamlessly with WooCommerce, enhancing the shopping experience by simplifying the checkout process.
  9. Security: Maintain high-security standards, ensuring that user data is securely handled and transmitted.
  10. GPL Licensing: With GPL licensing, you have the freedom to modify, customize, and distribute your version of the plugin, adapting it to your specific needs.


  • Improved User Convenience: Facilitate a smoother, faster registration and login process, significantly enhancing user convenience and satisfaction.
  • Increased Registration Rates: Reduce abandonment rates during the registration or checkout process by minimizing the steps and information required from users.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Encourage more frequent logins and interactions on your site by offering a hassle-free access method.
  • Reduced Support Requests: Diminish the number of support requests related to lost passwords and account recovery by providing a straightforward alternative login method.
  • Better User Data: Gain access to rich user profile data, which can inform your marketing strategies and improve user experience.

Incorporate Social Login – WordPress / WooCommerce Plugin 2.5.7 GPL into your website to streamline the login and registration process, improve user satisfaction, and foster greater engagement and loyalty among your visitors.


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Social Login – WordPress / WooCommerce Plugin 2.5.7 GPL
Original price was: €9.25.Current price is: €3.99.
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