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SliceWP – ConvertKit Integration Add-On 1.0.0 GPL Version

Do you want to grow your email list and keep in touch with your affiliates? Do you use ConvertKit as your email marketing platform and SliceWP as your affiliate management plugin? If so, you might want to check out the SliceWP – ConvertKit Integration Add-On 1.0.0.

This add-on is a simple but powerful extension for SliceWP that allows you to connect your ConvertKit account and subscribe your affiliates to your mailing list. This way, you can send them newsletters, updates, tips, promotions, and anything else that can help them promote your products or services better.

The SliceWP – ConvertKit Integration Add-On 1.0.0 is very easy to set up and use. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Download the .zip file of the add-on from your SliceWP account page. The add-on is available only with an active Pro & Pro Plus license.
  • Upload and activate the add-on on your WordPress site via Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
  • Go to SliceWP > Settings > Integrations (tab) and scroll down to the ConvertKit Integration section.
  • Enter your ConvertKit API key in the API Key field and click on the Connect button.
  • Select one or more tags to apply to your new affiliates in ConvertKit.
  • Enable the ConvertKit option and save the settings.

That’s it! Now, when a new affiliate registers on your site, they will see a checkbox on the registration form that allows them to opt-in to your mailing list. If they check it, they will be added to your ConvertKit account with the tags you selected.

You can then use ConvertKit’s features to segment, automate, and communicate with your affiliates. For example, you can:

  • Set up a welcome email series to onboard your new affiliates and teach them how to use their dashboard, generate their links, track their referrals, and receive their commissions.
  • Share news, updates, and announcements about your products or services, such as new features, bug fixes, discounts, etc.
  • Provide tips, tricks, and best practices on how to promote your products or services effectively and ethically.
  • Reward your top-performing affiliates with bonuses, incentives, or recognition.
  • Ask for feedback, testimonials, or suggestions from your affiliates.

By using the SliceWP – ConvertKit Integration Add-On 1.0.0, you can build a strong relationship with your affiliates and motivate them to work harder for you. This can result in more traffic, sales, and revenue for your online business.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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SliceWP – ConvertKit Integration Add-On 1.0.0 GPL
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