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Robin Imagе Optimizer 1.6.6 GPL Version.

If you want to make your WordPress site faster and rank higher on search engines, you need to optimize your images. Images are often the heaviest part of a web page, and they can slow down your site and affect your user experience. That’s why you need Robin Image Optimizer 1.6.6.

Robin Image Optimizer 1.6.6 is a powerful plugin that reduces the size of your images without losing quality. It uses an intelligent optimization mode that selectively decreases the number of colors and removes unnecessary EXIF data from your images. It can reduce the size of your JPG and PNG images up to 80%, which can make a huge difference in your site speed and performance.

With Robin Image Optimizer 1.6.6, you can:

  • Optimize your images automatically or manually, with one click or with a schedule.
  • Choose from three compression modes: normal, regular, and high.
  • Backup your original images and restore them if needed.
  • Generate reports and statistics on your optimized images.
  • Optimize your images for Core Web Vitals, the new ranking factors that measure the quality of your site’s user experience.

Robin Image Optimizer 1.6.6 is compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins that follow the WordPress standards. It also supports multilingual sites, GDPR compliance, and WP CLI commands.

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PS: This plugin is updated at regular intervals.


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