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Restrict Content Pro – IP Restriction 1.2.8 GPL Version

If you run an e-commerce website, you know how valuable your content is. You want to make sure that only your paying customers can access your exclusive content and offers. But how can you prevent unauthorized access from hackers, bots, or shared accounts? That’s where Restrict Content Pro and IP Restriction come in handy.

Restrict Content Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin that lets you create and manage membership levels, restrict access to content, and accept payments from your customers. IP Restriction is an add-on for Restrict Content Pro that allows you to restrict your site’s content at the IP-level. The add-on comes with two distinct features:

  • IP whitelisting: Allow certain IP addresses to bypass restrictions on a post or page. This can be configured on a global, subscription level, and per-post/page basis.
  • IP blacklisting: Block certain IP addresses from accessing any restricted content on your site. This can be useful for banning malicious users or preventing account sharing.

Some of the benefits of using Restrict Content Pro and IP Restriction together are:

  • You can enhance your site’s security by blocking unwanted visitors and attacks.
  • You can increase your revenue by preventing content piracy and account sharing.
  • You can improve your user experience by allowing trusted users to access your content without logging in.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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Restrict Content Pro – IP Restriction 1.2.8 GPL
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