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PublishPress Planner Pro 4.0.2 GPL Version

For website owners and content managers seeking to enhance their editorial planning and management, PublishPress Planner Pro 4.0.2 GPL offers a robust solution. This advanced WordPress plugin streamlines the process of scheduling and organizing content, ensuring a well-coordinated and efficient publishing strategy.

Introducing PublishPress Planner Pro

PublishPress Planner Pro is an extension for WordPress that transforms your content management approach. It provides comprehensive tools for planning, scheduling, and tracking your website’s content. The 4.0.2 GPL version of the plugin includes updated features and optimizations, improving usability and integration with WordPress.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Advanced Content Calendar: Visualize your content schedule with an easy-to-use calendar, allowing you to plan posts, pages, and custom post types effectively.
  • Workflow Management: Customize workflows with statuses and notifications to manage content creation and editing processes seamlessly.
  • Editorial Comments: Facilitate team communication with editorial comments directly on content within the WordPress dashboard.
  • User Role Integration: Assign tasks and manage permissions based on user roles, ensuring a collaborative and organized approach to content creation.
  • GPL Licensing: As a GPL-licensed plugin, PublishPress Planner Pro offers the freedom to modify and redistribute the software to suit your specific requirements.

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PS: The updates for this plugin are steady and frequent.


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PublishPress Planner Pro 4.0.2 GPL
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