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Projectopia WP Project Management – Envato Add-On 2.2 GPL Version

Enhance your project management capabilities on WordPress with Projectopia WP Project Management – Envato Add-On 2.2 GPL. This powerful add-on integrates seamlessly with your Projectopia core plugin, providing an efficient connection to your Envato market account. It’s designed to streamline your workflow, particularly for freelancers and agencies that sell products or services on Envato marketplaces.

Key Features:

  1. Envato Market Integration: Directly link your Projectopia project management environment with your Envato market account, enabling you to import purchases as clients or projects within Projectopia. This integration facilitates better tracking and management of your Envato-related tasks and projects.
  2. Automated Client Creation: When a customer purchases your product on Envato, the add-on can automatically create a new client profile in Projectopia. This feature simplifies client onboarding and ensures your project management system is always up to date.
  3. Project Association: Associate Envato purchases with specific projects within Projectopia, allowing you to keep track of which products or services each client has acquired and tailor your project management accordingly.
  4. Purchase Code Verification: Streamline support and updates for your Envato products by verifying client purchase codes within Projectopia. This ensures that only genuine customers can access your support services and receive product updates.
  5. Centralized Communication: Facilitate better communication and collaboration by managing all interactions related to your Envato products within Projectopia. This centralized approach enhances efficiency and ensures that all team members are aligned and informed.
  6. Efficient Task Management: Assign and track tasks related to Envato products and services directly within Projectopia. This feature allows you to monitor progress, manage deadlines, and ensure that all aspects of your Envato-related projects are on track.

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Projectopia WP Project Management – Envato Add-On 2.2 GPL
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