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Private Messages for UserPro 4.10.0 GPL Version

This is a plugin that allows you to create a more connected community with private messaging features for your users. It allows users to initiate chats and interact with each other, using emoticons, new message notifications, easy conversations, and quick reply. Moreover, it is fully responsive and looks great across all devices and screen sizes.

With the Private Messages for UserPro plugin, you can:

  • Add a form to send and receive private messages from other users, and display them on a dedicated page where users can see and manage their conversations.
  • Add a notification bar on the top of your site, showing the number of unread messages and a quick link to access them.
  • Add a trigger link to any custom element on your site, such as a button, an image, or a text, that allows users to start a chat with a specific user or group of users.
  • Enable broadcasting feature for your site administrators, that allows them to send a message to all users at once. You can also restrict this feature by selecting which user roles have permission to broadcast.
  • Add a note that gets added to the footer of all private messages, where you can display any disclaimer or important information. For example, “XYZ website is not responsible for all messages sent via this website by any user.”
  • Enable blocking feature for your users, that allows them to block or unblock other users from messaging them.

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PS: This plugin is updated regularly.


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Private Messages for UserPro 4.10.0 GPLPrivate Messages for UserPro 4.10.0 GPL
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