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Prime Slider PRO – BdThemes 3.10.2 GPL Version


Prime Slider PRO – BdThemes 3.10.2 is a WordPress plugin that enhances the functionality and features of the Prime Slider plugin, which is a slider builder for Elementor. Prime Slider PRO adds more widgets, skins, templates, and options to create stunning and responsive sliders for any WordPress site. Some of the features that Prime Slider PRO offers are:

  • WooCommerce Widgets: You can create sliders for your WooCommerce products, categories, tags, and attributes, using different layouts and styles. You can also display product ratings, prices, add to cart buttons, and more.
  • Dynamic Widgets: You can use dynamic data sources for your sliders, such as custom fields, meta fields, taxonomies, terms, user fields, and options pages. You can also use dynamic tags to insert dynamic content into your sliders, such as site title, site logo, current date, current user name, and more.
  • Custom Templates: You can create your own templates for your sliders, using Elementor’s template library. You can also import and export templates from other sites or sources.
  • Custom Animations: You can add custom animations to your sliders, such as slide in, fade in, zoom in, rotate in, and more. You can also control the animation speed, delay, and direction.
  • Custom Backgrounds: You can add custom backgrounds to your sliders, such as images, videos, gradients, or colors. You can also apply filters, overlays, parallax effects, and more to your backgrounds.
  • Custom Navigation: You can customize the navigation of your sliders, such as arrows, dots, thumbnails, scroll bars, and more. You can also change the position, size, color, shape, and style of your navigation elements.

Prime Slider PRO – BdThemes 3.10.2 is a powerful and flexible plugin that can help you create amazing and dynamic sliders for your WordPress site with Elementor.

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PS: This plugin is updated regularly.


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