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PayPal Chained Payment for Tickera GPL Version

If you are running a multisite network where each subsite sells tickets for different events using Tickera, you might want to charge a commission fee for each sale. This way, you can generate revenue from your network and share the profits with your subsite owners.

That’s where PayPal Chained Payment for Tickera comes in handy. This add-on allows you to use PayPal Adaptive Payments to split the payment between you and the subsite owner automatically. You can set the percentage of the commission fee you want to collect and the PayPal email address you want to receive it at.

PayPal Chained Payment for Tickera has many features that make it easy and secure to use:

  • It works with WordPress Multisite networking, so you can manage your network from one dashboard.
  • It works with PayPal Standard, so you can use a verified PayPal Premier or Business account to process the payments.
  • It works with any currency and locale supported by PayPal, so you can cater to different markets and customers.
  • It works with IPN (Instant Payment Notification), so you can get real-time updates on the payment status and order details.

PS: Updates for this plugin are frequent and consistent.


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PayPal Chained Payment for Tickera GPLPayPal Chained Payment for Tickera GPL
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