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Password Manager for RISE CRM 1.1.1 GPL Version

Introducing Password Manager for RISE CRM 1.1.1 GPL, a pivotal addition to your CRM toolkit that significantly enhances data security and management efficiency. This plugin is ingeniously designed to integrate seamlessly with RISE CRM, offering a centralized, secure platform for managing all your sensitive passwords and credentials.

Key Features:

  1. Centralized Password Storage: Consolidate all your essential passwords and login details in one secure location, easily accessible within your RISE CRM environment.
  2. Enhanced Security: The plugin employs robust encryption methods to safeguard your credentials, ensuring that sensitive information is securely stored and transmitted.
  3. User Access Control: Define and manage access permissions for different team members, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view or manage specific passwords.
  4. Effortless Retrieval: Quickly retrieve login information when needed, streamlining workflow and reducing downtime associated with lost or forgotten passwords.
  5. Password Categorization: Organize your passwords into categories for easy navigation and management, enhancing efficiency and reducing clutter.
  6. Audit Logs: Maintain a detailed record of password access and changes, providing a clear audit trail that enhances accountability and security compliance.
  7. Seamless Integration: Designed to work harmoniously with RISE CRM, the plugin ensures a smooth user experience and easy adoption into your existing workflow.
  8. GPL Licensing: With GPL licensing, you have the liberty to modify, adapt, and distribute your version of the plugin, offering flexibility to tailor the solution to your specific needs.


  • Improved Security: By centralizing and encrypting your password management, you significantly reduce the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.
  • Increased Productivity: Quick and easy access to necessary credentials eliminates delays, boosting productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Securely share access to necessary resources among team members, facilitating collaboration while maintaining stringent security standards.
  • Comprehensive Oversight: Audit logs and user access controls offer comprehensive oversight of password usage and changes, critical for security audits and compliance.
  • Cost-Effective: Streamline your credential management without the need for additional software or platforms, leveraging your existing investment in RISE CRM.

By incorporating Password Manager for RISE CRM 1.1.1 GPL into your workflow, you not only bolster your data security posture but also enhance operational efficiency, team collaboration, and overall management effectiveness within your RISE CRM environment.


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Password Manager for RISE CRM 1.1.1 GPL
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