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Paid Memberships Pro Invite Only Add On 0.3.4 GPL Version

In the realm of premium content, exclusivity is key. Introducing the Paid Memberships Pro Invite Only Add On 0.3.4 GPL – your ultimate tool to create an air of exclusivity, offering a personalized invitation-only access to your esteemed members. Transform your membership site into a hub of premium, exclusive content accessible only to the chosen ones, amplifying the allure and value of your offerings.

Key Features

Invitation-Only Access:
Restrict the registration to invite-only, ensuring that access to your premium content is exclusive, enhancing its perceived value and allure.

Customizable Invitations:
Craft personalized invitation codes, infusing a touch of personalization that speaks directly to your prospective members, making them feel valued and exclusive.

Seamless Integration:
With an effortless integration process, this add-on perfectly aligns with your existing Paid Memberships Pro setup, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined user experience.

Discover What’s New in 0.3.4 GPL

Optimized Performance:
Experience a faster, more responsive add-on. The 0.3.4 update ensures that the invitation process is swift, enhancing the user experience for both the admin and the invitees.

GPL Freedom:
Harness the flexibility of the General Public License. Modify and adapt the add-on to cater to your unique requirements, ensuring an exclusive membership experience like no other.

Enhanced Security:
The update brings along reinforced security protocols, ensuring that your exclusive content remains safe and accessible only to those with a personalized invitation.

Crafting Exclusivity with Elegance

Paid Memberships Pro Invite Only Add On 0.3.4 GPL is not just a tool, it’s an experience—a gateway to a world where content isn’t just consumed but is an exclusive privilege. It’s about elevating the member experience from ordinary to extraordinary, where every piece of content is a carefully guarded treasure, unveiled to those deemed worthy.

PS:This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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Paid Memberships Pro Invite Only Add On 0.3.4 GPL
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