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OxyPowerPack GPL Version

Do you want to take your WordPress website to the next level with Oxygen Builder? Do you want to add more features and functionalities to your Oxygen Builder elements and templates? Do you want to save time and effort while creating stunning and responsive websites? If you answered yes, then you need to check out OxyPowerPack, the ultimate power enhancer for Oxygen Builder.

OxyPowerPack is a premium plugin that adds more power and flexibility to Oxygen Builder, the best visual site builder for WordPress. With OxyPowerPack, you can access a range of features that will make your website development process easier and faster, such as:

  • Advanced CSS Editor: You can edit the CSS of any element in Oxygen Builder with a live preview and syntax highlighting. You can also use custom variables, media queries, and CSS filters.
  • Custom Code Builder: You can create custom PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code snippets and use them in any element or template in Oxygen Builder. You can also use shortcodes, dynamic data, and Oxygen Builder functions.
  • Template Library: You can browse and import hundreds of ready-made templates and snippets for Oxygen Builder, covering various niches and categories. You can also export and share your own templates and snippets with others.
  • Dynamic Attributes: You can add dynamic attributes to any element in Oxygen Builder, such as data attributes, ARIA attributes, classes, IDs, and more. You can also use dynamic data from WordPress or other plugins.
  • Lazy Load Images: You can improve your website performance and SEO by lazy loading your images in Oxygen Builder. You can also choose from different loading effects and placeholders.
  • Parallax Effects: You can add parallax effects to any element in Oxygen Builder, such as backgrounds, images, text, icons, and more. You can also adjust the speed, direction, and offset of the parallax effect.
  • Sticky Elements: You can make any element in Oxygen Builder sticky or fixed on scroll, such as headers, footers, sidebars, menus, and more. You can also set the sticky conditions, such as scroll position, viewport width, and device type.
  • Hover Effects: You can add hover effects to any element in Oxygen Builder, such as transitions, animations, transformations, filters, and more. You can also customize the hover duration, delay, easing, and direction.

OxyPowerPack is compatible with all versions of Oxygen Builder from 2.0 to 3.x. It also supports multilingual websites and RTL languages. It is optimized for speed and security, using minimal resources and following the best coding practices.

PS: This plugin is updated regularly.


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OxyPowerPack GPLOxyPowerPack GPL
Original price was: €9.75.Current price is: €3.99.
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