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Oxygen WooCommerce Integration 1.4 GPL


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Oxygen WooCommerce Integration 1.4 GPL Version


Oxygen WooCommerce Integration 1.4 is a WordPress plugin that allows you to use Oxygen Builder to design and customize your WooCommerce store. Oxygen Builder is a powerful and flexible visual site builder that gives you full control over every aspect of your WordPress site. With Oxygen WooCommerce Integration, you can:

  • Use the WooCommerce elements to add products, cart, checkout, account, and other WooCommerce components to any page
  • Use the dynamic data feature to display product information, such as title, price, rating, description, and more
  • Use the advanced query and filter options to create custom product loops and grids
  • Use the conditional logic feature to show or hide elements based on product attributes, categories, tags, or custom fields
  • Use the style and layout options to customize the appearance and behavior of your WooCommerce elements
  • Use the responsive design feature to make your WooCommerce store look great on any device
  • Use the code block element to add custom PHP, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code to your WooCommerce pages
  • Use the Oxygen Gutenberg integration to edit your WooCommerce pages with Gutenberg blocks

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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Oxygen WooCommerce Integration 1.4 GPL
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