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Meta Box Admin Columns 1.7.2 GPL Version

Effective management of custom fields and metadata in WordPress can be a complex task, especially for websites with extensive content. Meta Box Admin Columns 1.7.2 GPL is a plugin that enhances the functionality of the Meta Box plugin, providing a more organized and efficient way to display custom fields in the WordPress admin area. This article will explore the features and benefits of Meta Box Admin Columns, demonstrating how it can improve your content management workflow.

Key Features:

  1. Customizable Admin Columns: Easily add, remove, or rearrange columns in the admin screens for posts, pages, and custom post types. This customization allows for a more tailored view that aligns with your content management needs.
  2. Display Custom Fields in Admin Columns: Show custom fields created with Meta Box directly in the admin columns, providing quick access to important metadata without the need to edit each post or page individually.
  3. Sorting and Filtering: Enhance the admin interface with sorting and filtering options based on custom field values, enabling quicker and more efficient content organization and retrieval.
  4. Support for Various Field Types: Compatible with a wide range of field types from the Meta Box plugin, including text, number, image, select, and more.
  5. Easy Configuration: User-friendly interface makes it simple to configure the display of custom fields in the admin columns, requiring no coding skills.
  6. Seamless Integration with Meta Box: Designed to work in harmony with the core Meta Box plugin, ensuring a consistent and cohesive experience in managing custom fields.
  7. GPL Licensing: As a GPL-licensed plugin, Meta Box Admin Columns offers the flexibility to use, modify, and distribute it according to your specific requirements.

PS: The updates for this plugin are steady and frequent.


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Meta Box Admin Columns 1.7.2 GPL
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